Introducing Blox, the latest and greatest profile picture NFT to hit the Ethereum blockchain. Blox is a collection of 8,888 block-style characters generated from 400 individual, high-quality 3D layers.

NFTs with a Vision!

Inspired by your favorite childhood toys, Blox was created with the goal of providing owners with real utility and high quality art. More and more the NFT world is becoming saturated with half-baked projects and creators who don't care about the community. With Blox, transparency and community involvement comes first so that we can all succeed, one block at a time!

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Presale Price: 0.01 ETH + Gas

Public Price: 0.02 ETH + Gas


With a passion for creativity and giving back, we're here for the long run. We have ambitious goals to bring value and respect to the NFT community.

Phase 1: The Brickening

8,888 Blox figures are minted and brought into the metaverse.

Phase 2: Establishment of the High Council

Owners of the 8 legendary Blox are promoted to the High Council, with special perks and control within the community.

Phase 3: Bridge to the Physical World

Augmented reality capabilities are released for each individual Blox avatar, allowing owners to experience their characters in all their 3D glory!

Phase 4: Community Wallet for Charity

At 150 ETH trade volume, a community wallet is established. 10% of all royalties from then plus donations from the community will be given to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation, a disease that afflicts one of the creators.

Phase 5: Native Currency

Creation of the community's native token, $STUD. The token will be used to participate in voting decisions for Roadmap V2.0 as well as purchase exclusive benefits. Token staking will passively earn $STUD.

Phase 6: Roadmap V2.0

In the spirit of collaboration, the second version of the roadmap will be developed from direct feedback from the community in order to best reflect the wishes of each owner.

The year is 2044, 23 years since the Metaverse was announced. With the cost of virtual reality headsets nearly zero, everyone has become integrated with the Metaverse in some way or another. While there are skeptics of our new way of life, there are those who want to push it even further, like those at Blox Labs. Blox Labs has a vision of a Matrix-like world where our minds are physically plugged into the Metaverse. After a successful animal trial, the first human trial begins; the volunteer successfully undergoes the Mind-to-Meta surgery and is both placed into the Metaverse and taken back out. With this success, Blox Labs moves to large-scale group testing, where a group of 8,887 others undergo the same surgery. With their Mind-to-Meta ports installed, it is time to bring all 8,888 pioneers into the Metaverse. On the day of testing, a rogue software update to the Metaverse causes a glitch in the Mind-to-Meta bridge. Upon trying to withdraw the 8,888 volunteers from the Metaverse, they soon find that it is nearly impossible: their minds have been scattered across the blockchain, infinitely divided and immutable. As Blox Labs tries to develop a way to save the 8,888, the newest permanent citizens of the Metaverse are establishing a society of their own, and they kind of like their new lives within the blockchain...



Blox was created by two friends and visionaries with dreams of a blockchain powered future. After successful launches of a handful of small collections, the two decided it was time to do something big. With a goal in mind and their computers before them, the two set forward to create something special. Influenced by their own experience within other NFT communities, the two were tired of the lack of inspiration and quality behind countless projects. That's why with Blox, they wanted to create something that not only benefits others but also brings some respect and credibility to the NFT community as a whole. One of the largest aspects of the roadmap is the creation of the community charity wallet to be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. One of the creators, BloxDude, has battled Cystic Fibrosis his whole life and decided it's time to use NFTs for goodwill. With the help of the community, the creators want to put Blox on the map and lead the way to showing everyone what a world powered by the blockchain can be.

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